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Veranstalter: Meditationszentrum Beatenberg
Veranstaltung: 7 Day Study & Practice Retreat - Four Applications of Mindfulness (Bodhi College)
Veranst. Ort: Beatenberg
Datum: 21.06.2019
Fahrt Id: 2344

Name: Anne Patrikainen
Start: 21.06.2019
Über: 28.06.2019
Ziel: Zurich
Nachricht After the retreat I'll be heading to Zurich airport, where my flight to Finland leaves at 6:35 pm. I'd be really grateful for a ride! Before the retreat I'll be traveling from Kisslegg, Germany, and probably spend a night somewhere on the way to Beatenberg, for instance in Zurich, Bern, or St. Gallen. A ride from any of those cities or anywhere else on the way would be great! Thanks for your help!
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